The History of Quebec Highlands Animal Clinic

The clinic was founded by Bruce and Carolyn Bowman in the summer of 1988 at the present location of Quebec and County Line Rd. Initially, Dr. Bowman was the single practitioner while his wife Carolyn was a receptionist, technician, and bookkeeper. Eventually, two additional doctors were added, along with two receptionists, and three technicians. Carolyn was then able to focus solely on bookkeeping and managing the clinic.

I joined the team in the fall of 1998 on a part-time basis, then began working full-time in 2001. At that time, the method of developing film was with a liquid fixer and developer in a Roller Processor. Patient records were kept exclusively with hardcopy files.

The recession of 2008 was an exceedingly challenging time, as businesses around us failed at an alarming rate. The Bowman’s did not have to lay off any team members, but it was a few terribly slow, stressful years. I credit the clinic’s survival during this time to the team members’ ability to form real relationships with both clients and patients, allowing personalized care.

In 2012, the clinic was expanded into two business spaces, allowing another exam room and a full office space for clinicians and office manager. Then, in 2015, the clinic was partially renovated, with new floors throughout the building. New, more modern equipment was purchased to allow clinicians to practice medicine at a much higher level. This included digital X-Ray, Surgical CO2 Laser, Therapeutic Cold Laser, and tabletop processing of dental X-Rays. Acupuncture and herbal medicine were added to the repertoire to provide a combination of Western and Eastern Medicine. In 2019, the Bowman’s decided to sell the practice, and I made the decision to purchase on July 1st of that year.

Today, I have continued to renovate the practice with a new front lobby and receptionist desk, new cabinetry, and fresh paint throughout. I have added a mobile Digital Dental X-Ray instrument, Sedi Vue Idexx analyzer to quickly evaluate urine samples, and modern anesthesia monitoring equipment. A new website was developed, making it easier for clients to view the services, (including an online pharmacy) with the ability to fill out forms online, explore services, and request appointments.

I transitioned from file records to a cloud-based software called EzyVet in August 2021. There are no longer paper files, which makes our life so much easier! Reminders can now be sent by text messaging, and records sent directly from the software. Checking out now is a breeze with the new Pay Junction Terminal.

What has NOT changed is the care for our patients and clients; providing not only excellent health care but personalized care which turns into real relationships with clients and their pets. To accomplish this, we have implemented Fear Free Methods, originally introduced by Dr. Mary Becker, to reduce stress and anxiety for our patients, clients, and team members. Plus, providing a culture and atmosphere of respect, genuine caring, and giving to everyone who is a part of the practice. Now a word of thanks. My ability to buy the clinic could not have been achieved without the arduous work and amazing investment expertise of both my mother and father. I only wish this dream could have come to fruition before they passed. The Clinic’s story under my watch is dedicated to them; Larry and LaVerne Clow. Thanks, mom and dad. I love you and hope to make you proud.

Dedicated to Larry and LaVerne Clow

Dedicated to Larry & LaVerne Clow